Recruitment Master Class

There are lots of challenges being in a recruitment or talent acquisition role, especially following the pandemic.

The Recruitment Master Classes focus on building your skills so that you can be a talent super hero in your business! Run as face to face and virtual half days – we have fantastic facilitators and presenters who share practical tools and techniques with you and answer your questions with real solutions.

As always with Elephant we run outcome based learning so you will leave with ideas to use back at work. Make sure you book your place today!

Course Content

Master Class 1: Building your Credibility

Growing your skills – we start by working through understanding the different responsibilities, skills and challenges that can occur in your role and the issues that you’re facing, that you’d like help with. You’ll also discuss different and exciting ways to grow your skills while on the job.

Getting credible – in this section you’ll learn how to grow your reputational capital, use social media to build yourself, your learning and your network and some tricks on how to coach and advise when you’re still learning yourself.

Self Confidence: Lastly we focus on advising hiring managers to do things they don’t want to hear about which takes courage and confidence, especially if you are younger advising older managers. In this session you’ll learn some key techniques to boost your personal confidence, how to present to a group or challenge what needs to happen.

Master Class 2: Partnering with your business

Building Resilience – in this section of the workshop you’ll cover tools and techniques to help you both develop your own resilience to deal with a VUCA world, but also to help grow this in your managers and your business.  With guest presenters Katrina Kidson (for our Wellington and Virtual workshops) and Maya Nova (for our Auckland workshop).

Employment Law Update – you’ll now hear about relevant employment law changes and case law that may impact on processes around candidate management, privacy, storing information, offering candidates a role and more.

Design Thinking Think Tank: We finish by taking you through how you can use Design Thinking principles to change how design and deliver your recruitment and talent processes. You will be able to brainstorm issues that you are facing in your role and then share ideas, tools and techniques. This is run as a unconference style session and generates some amazing discussions!

Master Class 3: Personal Effectiveness

Managing Time without eight arms: This section focuses on how you can use your time well when you’ve always got too much to do and another deadline is approaching. We know many talent teams are under resourced, so this session is about creating time so you can get onto some of the more proactive work. We cover new tools and techniques you can use, discuss push back and delegation and much more (1.5 hours)

Problem Solving and Decision Making: Next we work through some different tools you can use to help you make quick and effective decisions in areas where you may not yet have built your experience.

Getting innovative: You’ll now hear about some amazing transformational and innovative initiatives that companies are using from all over the world, to change how you attract and manage candidates and in what talent delivers and see if there are any ideas that you can use!

Master Class 4: Kick Ass Communications

If you haven’t completed any communications training, there’s a short pre-workshop video and questionnaire to complete.

Dealing with difficult managers: We know they are out there and can cause HR Advisory headaches! To start the workshop we work through some tools and techniques to deal with difficult managers. How do you bring rogue managers in line? How do you advise when you know it will be challenging? This part of the workshop will give you some great ways to deal with this.

Influencing your managers: This section of the master class gives you tools and techniques to use to influence and support your managers with HR processes. You’ll learn clever ways to grab managers attention, get them to actually read your emails and to follow process. If you’ve ever been frustrated with managers not following directions – this session will give you new ideas to get them doing what they should and not asking lots of questions! You’ll cover concepts like storytelling, the golden circle, nudge and many more.

Master Class 1: Wednesday 21 June NZ or AUD $295 per workshop
Master Class 2: Friday 24 MarchSave if you book on 2, 3 or all 4
Master Class 3: Wednesday 5 AprilCan’t attend? Purchase the self run!
Master Class 4: Wednesday 3 MaySelf run is $195 per module.

Our Facilitators

We have a team of awesome facilitators, who are HR experts. For the Recruitment Master Class and Talent Certificates we also have guest presenters who are recruitment specialists.

What people say about attending:

Thank you, I feel better able to talk with my managers and give advice more clearly and back up with good rationale.  I really liked how Nikki gave us good examples on how to phrase your advice to your manager without getting them off-side

Learning about justifications re some of the case law – good to know why a decision was made, course was awesome thank you

A fantastic course overall. The fact that I came away with some essential knowledge meant I could come into work and confidently make changes

The Elephant team really know their stuff and are happy to answer every little niggling question I had

Can’t attend in person?

It’s almost like you’re there! But you don’t have to talk to anyone….

Why not purchase our self paced module? You get recordings of the webinar sessions, and an assignment to complete to test your knowledge. This is personally marked by one of the Elephant team, who will provide you with coaching and feedback on your answers.

Wanting something a little more formal? Our Certificate in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition is a 12 month programme that covers all areas of recruitment and TA. With webinars to watch, quizzes to take and assignments to complete, which you get personalised coaching and feedback on.

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