Certificate in HR Operations

Programme Overview

Our Certificate in HR Operations is an 12 month programme focused on building your practical, tactical HR skills and experience.

Over the course you can attend facilitated workshops, complete online learning modules with on the job assignments and discuss your learnings with your our HR team.

The programme also involves assessing your achievement level from the start to the finish.

Who should attend?

You’ll benefit most from the Certificate in HR Operations if you are mainly Level 1 on the HR experience map (just download the brochure to access this). You may be:

  • Working as an HR Administrator, Coordinator or HR Advisor with 2 + years experience.
  • Coming from a more specialised area (e.g. L&D) but now moving into generalist HR.
  • In an Office Manager/PA role but with HR responsibilities.

What will you finish with?

The Certificate in HR Operations is different from tertiary study as you need to be working in a role where you can apply what you’re learning, rather than covering theory. You’ll work through case studies and run simulations so that you get as much experience as you can during the course, before you have to do it in real life. Once you’ve completed your final assessment you will be awarded your certificate.

Elephant Certificates are now recognised globally, in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the US and United Kingdom.

Core Modules

These are compulsory to complete. Where you have significant training or experience in 1 or 2 areas of the core modules, you can choose an optional module instead.

Essential Employment Law

This module covers the different pieces of employment legisation that covers employment, discrimination, privacy, holidays, restructuring, dimissals & more in the country you work in.

Clever Communications

It’s essential in HR that you understand different comms styles, and how to adapt and engage managers and employees with your HR communications. In this module learn tools to plan and implement effectively to really get your message across.

Super Recruitment

In an HR Operational role you are often responsible for recruiting for roles, as well as looking at how to make recruitment more effective. This modules covers recruitment strategy, using agencies, and how to streamline processes & coach managers.

Induction and On-boarding

Managing induction and on-boarding processes can often fall to HR. Getting it right is essential for making sure new employees get up to speed quickly. This module covers processes but also innovation & case studies.

Writing HR policies

Making your policies more effective may not be exciting, but is important. This module takes you through writing policies for different styles and companies, using them to address issues and build culture and fishooks that can catch you out!

Dealing with Poor Performance

Helping managers when their team isn’t performing can be challenging. This module takes you through the factors to consider, the steps to take, ways to support your business and real case studies to analyse of how to deal with challenges.

Warnings & Dismissals

In this module we focus on employment law in your country around warnings and dismissals, how to make sure your company complies and how to make an objective decision from an HR, company and culture point of view.

Advising Managers

Being an HR Advisor involves advising managers on policies and processes, but also working with them to help them deal with situations or issues and roll out HR initiatives. In this module learn how best to advise managers.

Optional Modules

Three optional modules must be chosen from the modules below. Where you have significant training or experience in 1 or 2 areas of the core modules, you can choose an optional module instead.

Offering Employment

In this module you cover the legislative requirements around employment agreements/contracts in your country. You might not be preparing the clauses, but you should know what to look out for!

Remuneration and Reward

If you have remuneration as part of your role, or you’re involved in the salary review and bonus processes, this module covers rem models, bonuses and benefits and offering other rewards.

HR Metrics & Analytics

This module covers different levels of data from metrics through to predictive analytics and how you can take your business on the right journey, and ideas on different things that you should be measuring, what they can show you and how this can add value.

Building a Brilliant Culture

HR is often involved in building culture. Learn different ways to define and measure culture (including ones that don’t cost much!), and analyses some real case studies of culture change and what companies did from all levels to achieve the outcome planned.

Talent Management and Succession

You may be involved in your company talent management or succession planning. This module takes you through models to use, tools and templates and case study analysis.

Leading Change

This module takes you through using specific change tools with a case study so that you are fully prepared to assist with or drive change in your business.

Wonderful Wellness

Learn how to identify the key drivers for your wellness programme, develop and deliver a wellness strategy and measure the results and create engagement for the programme

What people say about studying with Elephant:

The feedback was really helpful. It was really in depth and you could tell that the markers had put a lot of time into reading each assignment and going through every answer when marking. I appreciated that even when you had gotten an answer correct, feedback would still be provided so you could reflect on your answer and then also think about other possible answers. This made reading through the marked assignments a lesson in itself as the markers would provide further guidance and knowledge on each subject through their feedback. An example of this was in the communications assignment when I was asked in question 7 to provide a communication plan. Even though my plan was correct, the Elephant team included another plan with some additional commentary so I could see (and learn from) a different approach. This was really great!

Sophie, People & Culture Advisor, Engineering Company

The information provided was just so informative and then being able to actually apply that knowledge through the case studies is just fantastic and really helped to bed in the information. In addition, I have gone back to the information many times already to make sure I am on the right track.

The webinars, the printable slides from the webinars, the case studies, the feedback, the workshop – gosh these have been so thoroughly helpful for each and every topic!

Melissa, HR Advisor, University sector


The programme investment is AUD$1,750, NZ$1,950, UK £995, Euro €895 or for APAC you can pay in your local currency.

In New Zealand you have the option of attending the face to face Essential Employment Law workshop (in Wellington or Auckland).

You will need to fill in our on-line application and provide some details of your level of experience and work history so we can ensure this is the right programme for you. The programme fees must be paid on registration.

The Certificate must be completed with 12 months, however you can defer completion by a further 6 months due to work or other circumstances. For more information download the pack below.

About Elephant Group

About our team

During your study, the team at Elephant will present the webinars and learning material as well as mark your assignments and provide you with personalised feedback and coaching.