Certificate in Payroll Leadership

Programme Overview

Our Certificate in Payroll Leadership is a s an 8 month programme focused on building your practical, tactical skills and experience in payroll management, including employment law, policies and procedures, and strategic initiatives.

Over the course you can attend workshops, watch videos, read articles and complete online learning modules and assignments and get coaching and feedback from our team.

The programme also involves assessing your achievement level from the start to the finish.

Who should attend?

You’ll benefit most from the Certificate in Payroll Leadership if you are:

  • Have been working in payroll for several years or have completed operational payroll training and are now either working towards leading the function or the payroll team or are in that role but without having done any leadership training before
  • A payroll manager who wants to complete a qualification to check and build your payroll management and leadership skills

What will you finish with?

The Certificate in Payroll Leadership is different from tertiary study as we cover real life, rather than just covering theory. It’s full of practical suggestions and ideas to use. You’ll work through each module, with real case studies and assessments to test you are applying what we’ve covered. Once you’ve completed your final assessment you will be awarded your certificate.

Elephant Certificates are now recognised globally, in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the US and United Kingdom.

The programme investment is NZ$1,950 + GST (this Certificate is currently only available in New Zealand).

You will need to complete the on-line application to register for the Certificate.

Core Modules

For the Certificate in Payroll Leadership, you must complete ten modules. Five of these are core modules which are compulsory and five can be chosen from our optional modules. If you have significant experience or training in areas covered by the core modules, you can swop out up to 3 of these for optional modules.

Payroll Legislation

Managing a payroll function means having a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of payroll related employment law. This module focuses on an overview of the legislation, but with a focus on company compliance for more complex issues.

Deductions, Overpayments and Final Pays

There are a number of deductions you may have to set up and make from employee’s pays. Again there are some complexities with getting these right!

Bonuses and Remuneration

As well as setting up employees when they start with their wages or salaries – Payroll are also involved when salary increases are enacted for individuals or through Collective Bargaining, and for paying bonuses and incentives.  

Effective Payroll Processes

Whether you are a sole charge Payroll professional or part of a team, there are a number of tools and techniques you can use to make your payroll processing effective, and some legislation around these.

Allowances and Tax

There are a number of allowances that payroll may have to set up and pay to employees. You need to make sure you have set these up correctly and understand the tax issues, to mitigate any issues for your business.

Optional Modules

Five optional modules can be chosen from our ten choices or where you have significant training or experience in up to 3 areas of the core modules, you can choose 3 further optional modules  (a total of up to 8 modules).

Clever Communications

To deliver effectively in payroll, you need to understand the different communication styles – both yours and others, and how to adapt to managers, employees and your team!

Offering Employment

In some payroll roles, you can be responsible for managing the operational processes around offering employment to candidates and then setting them up in the payroll system. This modules covers how to do that.

Leading Change

This module takes you through using specific change tools with a payroll system change case study so that you are fully prepared to drive change in your business.

Payroll Metrics and Analytics

In recent years many payroll teams have been asked to produce more analytics. If this is an area you want to learn more about, this module is for you.

Leading a Team

If you are a team leader or Payroll Manager with direct reports, this module covers how to set up team processes, develop team skills, deal with different personality styles and more…

Performance Coaching

While this may not be a normal responsibility of payroll, understanding and using the principles and models of performance coaching can be very valuable to use if you are developing your payroll team.

Business Acumen

It can be useful for a Payroll leader to understand the financial, commercial and legal aspects of company operations to gain credibility and respect with their senior leaders, and to be able to partner with them effectively. This is especially important if you are part of the finance team.

Engaging your Managers

Whether during a change project, rolling out a new initiative or making changes to your payroll system or processes – your communications can make or break your message getting through. This modules covers to engage your managers.

Writing Payroll Policies

There are several policies that you may have responsibility for developing or updating when working in payroll This module covers the different policies to have and how to make them effective.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Payroll leader can have a unique view of an organisation’s work patterns and capabilities and can provide frameworks and strategies on workforce planning. This modules covers how to run strategic workforce planning.

The programme investment is NZ$1,950 + GST.

Just complete the online application to enrol. We will then liaise with you on your timetable. The programme fees must be paid on registration.

The Certificate is scheduled over 8 months however you can defer completion by a further 6 months due to work or other circumstances.

Please do let us know if you have any questions. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds once you have started your study.

Our team

During your study, the team at Elephant will present the webinars and learning material as well as mark your assignments and provide you with personalised feedback and coaching.

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