HR Advisor Workshops

For the challenges of being in an HR advisory level role

Our HR Advisor virtual workshops are half day online sessions where you watch some video content, hear presentations from the Elephant team, discuss scenarios and test your knowledge. Or you can choose the self-paced option, where you watch some of a recorded session and get to complete an assessment with personal coaching and feedback to help you grow your skills. In some countries, we also run the workshops as face to face events.

Our workshops include:

Building your HR Credibility

If you’re newer to HR, this workshop covers:

Growing your skills – different challenges at each level of HR and how to develop skills & experience to overcome them

Getting credible – build your reputational capital, use social media to network and learn

Self Confidence – learn key tools to advising managers when they don’t want to hear, build courage to cope and confience to tackle issues

Personal Effectiveness

Many HR teams are under pressure to deliver more so this covers:

Managing Time without eight arms – methods to create more time and use your time in more effective ways.

Problem Solving and Decision Making: Tools to use to make quick and effective decisions where you may not yet have built your experience.

Getting innovative: amazing transformative and innovative HR initiatives that companies are using from all over the world!

Dealing with Difficult Managers

We know they are out there and can cause HR headaches!

In this workshop – learn new tools to understand and get difficult managers on side and following your HR advice.

Influencing your managers: You’ll also learn how to grab any managers attention, get them to actually read your emails and to follow processes. If you’ve ever been frustrated with managers not following directions – this session will give you new ideas!

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