HRBP Certificate

Programme Overview

Our HR Business Partner Certificate is a 1 year programme focused on building your strategic HR skills so that you can deliver as a high impact HR Business Partner.

Over the course you can attend workshops, watch videos, read articles and complete online learning modules and assignments and get coaching and feedback from our team.

The programme also involves assessing your achievement level from the start to the finish.

Who should register:

You’ll benefit most from the HR Business Partner Certificate if you are:

  • An experienced HR Advisor/Consultant wanting to prepare to move into an HRBP role
  • An HR Business Partner wanting a formal programme to build your skills and experience
  • In an HR role in a company moving to an HR Business Partnering model

What will you finish with?

The HRBP Certificate is different from tertiary study as we cover real life, rather than just covering theory. It’s full of practical suggestions and ideas to use. You’ll work through each module, with real case studies and assessments to test you are applying what we’ve covered. Once you’ve completed your final assessment you will be awarded your certificate.

Elephant Certificates are now recognised globally, in New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the US and United Kingdom.

The programme investment is NZ$1,950 + GST, AUD$1,750, UK£895 or EUR895.

You will need to complete the on-line application to register for the Certificate. We have three intakes a year, in February, June and October.

Core Modules

These modules must be completed. If you have advanced training or experience in one of these areas, then you can apply to have one module exchanged for an optional module.

Introduction to HR Business Partnering

To start the Certificate you’ll complete a self-assessment of your skills and experience with an optional 360 from managers and peers. This is completed at the start and the end of the programme so that you can check you have grown your skills, and also for your ongoing development plan.

HR Strategy and Planning

As an HRBP you might not be responsible for developing your HR plan, but may be involved in it and need to roll it out for your division. This modules covers different HR strategic plan models, ways to develop content, measure and roll out strategy

Leading Change

This module takes you through using specific change tools so you are fully prepared to drive change in your business, take people through a change journey and measure change success.

In NZ/AUST you can also choose to attend the Change Master Class.

Business Acumen

An HR Business Partner must understand the financial, commercial and legal aspects of company operations to gain credibility and respect with their senior leaders, and to be able to partner with them effectively. This module covers key concepts and how to apply them with an HR lens.

Building Company Culture

More and more HR professionals are asked to use  the right tools to redefine, measure  and build company culture. This module covers tools and case studies. For those experienced with culture, this module can be exchanged for EX Strategy.

Engaging your Managers

Whether during a change project, rolling out a new initiative or launching or reinvigorating an existing programme – using innovative communications to engage your managers can make or break the success of your roll out.

PG’s and Settlements

If you need to deal with exiting employees where issues have occurred, this module takes you through understanding the grievance and settlement process, how to respond to a Personal Grievances and deal with confidential settlements. This module is customised for each countries employment law.

Complex Employment Relations

Many HRBP’s need strong skills in Employment Relations. This module will give you tools to deal with restraints of trade, conflicts of interests, working with unions & collectives and executive team clauses. This module is customised for each countries employment law.

Using HR Metrics and Analytics

Many managers and CEO’s do not understand what an HR function can deliver, as there is a lack of HR metrics or analytics delivered to the business. You’ll finish this module with an understanding of the different levels of metrics and analytics and how to use these as an HRBP.

Optional Modules

Three optional modules can be chosen from the HR Ops Certificate, HRM Certificate or OD Certificate. If you attend the HRBP Master Class you only need to choose two optional modules.

For a full information please email us.

Just complete the online application to enrol. We will then liaise with you on your timetable. The programme fees must be paid on registration.

The Certificate is scheduled over 12 months however you can defer completion by a further 6 months due to work or other circumstances.

Please do let us know if you have any questions. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds once you have started your study.

Our team

During your study, the team at Elephant will present the webinars and learning material as well as mark your assignments and provide you with personalised feedback and coaching.

Looking for something less formal than a 1 year programme? What about our HR Business Partner Master Class. This runs every few months as a virtual workshop and covers how to be a high performance business partner to your organisation.

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